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It’s the day you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl. It’s finally close to your wedding day and now it’s time to pick out that perfect dress and that perfect look for that special day. “Oh my! What am I going to wear?” There are so many things that are probably going through your mind as you think about the billion possibilities of styles that you could choose for your dress. You want to wear something that is flattering to your specific size and shape. You want to wear something that dazzles the audience while all eyes are on you on that wonderful day.

You may be wondering what the latest trends are and you might even be thinking of a color besides the traditional white gown. Perhaps you don’t even want something too fancy, or maybe it’s a simple dress that you are looking for. Or… maybe you are thinking that you want to look and feel just like Cinderella, tiara and all as you go to your personal ball with your handsome prince.

Whatever the style, whatever the look, you want everything to be as perfect as it can be. But, did you think about the experience that you’re going to have while you’re trying on different dresses to find the absolute perfect look for your perfect day? That’s why you should make your experience HEAVENLY @ Heavenly Bridal Boutique! At Heavenly Bridal Boutique, we carry all sizes and styles to suit any taste. Our passion is to ensure that you have the best experience possible in creating the perfect memories while you shop for the one dress that was made just for YOU for your special day.

Heavenly Bridal Boutique offers affordable high-end Wedding Gowns and Formal Wear to Canby, Portland, Wilsonville, Oregon City, West Linn, Tualatin, Gladstone, Sherwood, Oak Grove, Lake Oswego, Woodburn, Tigard Milwaukie, Newberg, Beaverton, and Cedar Hills.

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What’s the Difference Between a Wedding Gown and a Wedding Dress?

Which is it, a wedding gown or a wedding dress? Aren’t they the same thing? Technically dresses and gowns are not the same! Who knew?

A wedding gown is a dress, yes, but not every dress is a gown. A gown is defined as a formal dress, usually floor length, covering most of the body. From the Middle Ages until about the 17th century both men and women wore gowns. For men, gowns were garments worn over their regular clothing. For women, gowns were about what one would expect: floor length dresses covering most of the body. Today, gowns are still worn by many professionals such as priests, judges, surgeons, and graduating students.

Wedding gowns are usually very formal, since weddings are usually formal. Wedding gowns are made from fine materials like silk or lace. A wedding gown can be elegantly simple or have ornate details such as beading or embroidery or both! As long as the gown is floor length and covers most of the body it is considered a wedding gown, not a wedding dress.

A dress is defined as anything a person puts on his or her body. In terms of women’s clothing, a dress is a skirt sewn to a bodice. Dresses range from prom dresses to cocktail dresses or wedding dresses to summer dresses. Dress is a much broader term than gown. Even what a man wears on his wedding day is considered his ‘wedding dress’ because it’s what he dresses himself with on his wedding day.

Dresses can be much more casual than gowns. If a bride is having an outdoor summer wedding, she might opt for a lightweight, knee-length, skinny strap wedding dress instead of a heavy, formal, floor-length wedding gown.

At times the words gown and dress are interchangeable. Luckily, at Heavenly Bridal Boutique, we carry both wedding gowns and wedding dresses! Depending on the wedding and the bride we are sure that every bride can find her perfect wedding dress or gown here. We believe that trying on wedding dresses is a special event. We strive to provide every bride with what she needs to find the dress or gown that feels like it was made just for her. Every bride should feel like a princess while trying on dresses, but a queen in the one she ultimately picks!   


Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is something most girls start thinking about from a very young age. Whether they tried on their mother’s wedding dresses or played dress up as little girls, it’s a pretty safe bet that every bride started thinking about what her dress would look like before she even got engaged.

A wedding dress is usually different than any other dress a woman will wear in her lifetime. There are many kinds of dresses, and dresses can range from prom dresses to cocktail dresses or formal evening gowns to light and airy summer dresses. 

 A bride’s dress is usually anywhere from knee length to floor length. It can be any color, but is usually white or a variation of white. The dress can be simple and light, or ornate and detailed. The silhouette of the dress depends on the bride and what she likes but can be A-line, sleek, trumpet (or mermaid style), full ball gown, or a summer type dress. Wedding dresses can have sleeves, or not, have a variation of necklines, be covered in lace, or be smooth as silk. There are many different options when deciding on a wedding dress.

Some things to consider when choosing a wedding dress are body shape, season of the wedding, formality of the occasion, any traditions a bride might have, color of the dress, etc. At Heavenly Bridal Boutique we can help you make these tough decisions. Our staff has experience working with brides and helping them to pick the ideal dress. We have a wide selection of wedding dresses to choose from and we carry many designers. Heavenly Bridal Boutique believes that trying on wedding dresses is a special event. We carry all sizes and styles of dresses to ensure that each bride finds that perfect dress for her perfect day!  

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    Debra Hodges
    Kari and her staff are amazingly helpful and knowledgeable about their wonderful gowns both for wedding and special event dresses. Women come from all over the state of Oregon and Washington to look for that special gown at her lovely store. A few minutes of extra driving is worth the time and effort to visit […]
    Debra Hodges Shelley
    Came for my daughters flower girl dress and we found one within 10 min of being there. Very high quality and affordable. Better than the ones we were looking at at Clackamas TC which were so cheap looking and way too expensive. I highly suggest coming here first. Ruth was very helpful.
    Victoria Espi
    andi rounds
    I had already bought my wedding gown elsewhere before this store opened, but I went in for a slip, found the perfect one– really affordable!! Looked fabulous on my big day! Plus the staff was super helpful.
    Andi Rounds