B2 bridesmaid dresses can be found under the umbrella company Jasmine Designs. Jasmine Designs was created in 1985. The designers at Jasmine come from all over the world, and Jasmine Designs spans the globe. Jasmine makes their gowns in their own manufacturing plants. The dresses are created by individual seamstresses who hand-place intricate details like beading and trim. This attention to detail is one of the cornerstones of Jasmine.

Jasmine has three separate bridesmaid dress lines. B2 is one of the lines offered through Jasmine. B2 stands out from the others as the fun and flirty line. Many of the dresses come in very soft pastel colors, though this line carries some bright bold colors as well. One of the main design elements in this line is a focus on romance. Each of the dresses has a unique neckline and skirt. The variety in this line allows a bride to coordinate her maids in matching dresses. This line can also accommodate a bride that wants a trendier bridal party.

One of the options for a trendy bridal party includes choosing dresses of the same color, but different styles. This allows the maids to match, but allows each bridesmaid to choose a dress that flatters her figure. Another option is to dress the maid of honor in a dress that is a different color or style from the rest of the bridesmaids, giving her the obvious place of honor next to the bride. Some brides even like to have their bridesmaids in different styles of dresses in different colors. An example of this would be bridesmaids in all pastel colors (which would be possible with the B2 line by Jasmine) but the colors are all different, even if the dresses are the same style.

Because the B2 line of dresses is so unique and different from other styles of bridesmaid dresses, these dresses also double as special occasion dresses and can be worn again by the bridesmaids. Another unique element to this line of dresses is the size range. Dresses from the B2 line can be found in sizes 00 to 34, and also come in maternity sizes! We carry the B2 line of bridesmaid dresses at Heavenly Bridal Boutique. Bring in the entire bridal party to try on these sweet bridesmaid dresses today! We promise to make it an experience to remember!