Wedding Gown Designer: Amsale

Amsale Aberra believes that wedding gowns should reflect the inner beauty of a bride. She designs gowns to be simple and elegant so a bride’s natural beauty shines through. The dresses are by no means plain, quite the opposite. Clean lines, fine details, quality fabric, and modern yet classic silhouettes make Amsale dresses uniquely beautiful. Amsale started her company from her New York City loft when she could not find a dress that suited her needs for her own wedding. After searching for the perfect dress and failing to find one that wasn’t garish, she decided to design her own. She discovered a need in the bridal market and put out ads for simple custom-made wedding gowns. This was the start of her bridal gown business, which is now an international company, headquartered in New York. Her dresses can be found in bridal boutiques across the United States, including Heavenly Bridal Boutique in Canby, Oregon.

When Amsale started her company, she invited brides to her loft and discussed with the brides exactly what they wanted. Because each dress was custom-made, Amsale took the time to tailor the dress to each bride’s wishes and figure. This concept carries through with every dress Amsale designs today.

“I want a bride to be thrilled with her wedding-day look for years to come, because her dress has a timeless beauty that reflects her true essence,” says Amsale. Amsale has a true passion for helping brides feel and look their best on their wedding days. Amsale pours her heart and soul into her designs. She says, on her blog, that as she “design[s] each gown, [she] imagine[s] that bride: where she’s getting married, the smile on her face as she walks down the aisle, dancing at her reception.” Having worked with so many brides since starting her company in 1985, Amsale understands that each bride is unique and has distinctive wants and needs.

Most girls start imagining their wedding day from a very young age. Little girls play dress up, pretending that they’re wearing a wedding dress, holding flowers, and walking down an aisle made in the backyard. When trying on wedding dresses, the experience should live up to the dream. At Heavenly Bridal Boutique the experience will be divine, especially if an Amsale dress is tried on. The dress won’t outshine the bride but the bride will exude radiance.

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