Wedding Gown Designer: Paloma Blanca

First known as Blue Bird Dress, Paloma Blanca is a 100% Canadian run family business. The bridal gown division was one of the first divisions at Paloma Blanca. Manny Bernstein founded Blue Bird Dress in 1937 in Toronto, Canada. Manny’s brother Harry worked alongside him and helped to make Blue Bird Dress a leading design house in Toronto. Later, when Harry’s sons joined the company they wanted to expand and broke into the United States market. Distribution boomed to hundreds of stores in the US and Blue Bird Dress became Paloma Blanca. Their focus is now solely on bridal designs. Paloma Blanca dresses can be found in over 200 cities and in the best bridal shops and boutiques worldwide.

The manufacturing center is still based in Toronto, Canada where all of the dresses are designed and made, assuring quality control. Because Paloma Blanca has a worldwide presence, the appeal of these dresses is hard to match. Made from top quality fabrics and adorned with beautiful detail and embroidery, one would expect these gowns to be quite expensive. However, Paloma Blanca gowns offer a couture feel, but at an attractive price.

The design team hand selects materials for each dress. Lace, embroidery, and beading patterns are all carefully chosen to guarantee that each Paloma Blanca dress is unique and timeless. Additionally, Paloma Blanca offers veils to accompany their dresses, ensuring that the stunning look a bride is seeking comes together in one fully complete package. Paloma Blanca’s dresses are special and award winning.

Paloma Blanca is respected in the bridal industry worldwide. Some awards they have won include: Canadian Wedding Industry Awards Canadian Gown Designer of the Year for 2014 and the Distinctive Excellence in the Bridal Industry Award for Bridal-Better/Designer of the Year. Paloma Blanca dresses have also been featured in bridal magazines and on several television shows.

The Paloma Blanca collection encompasses many different styles of dresses. No matter what a bride is looking for it can likely be found in this collection. Silhouettes such as A-line, ball gown, sleek, and trumpet (or mermaid) style are in the collection. Lace dresses, simple dresses, and ruffled dresses make up the Paloma Blanca collection. And depending on the bride’s tastes or traditions, off shoulder, full sleeves, thin straps, thick straps, strapless, low cut, sweetheart, or any variety of neckline can be found in this collection as well.

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